Riding A Bike

When something is unforgettable once learned, they say “it’s like riding a bike” … don’t they?! Of course, by now I should know better than listening to anything They say, but I always assumed this bike thing to be true. That is, until recently, when I bought myself a lovely (if somewhat cheap and nasty) […]

Where’s This Going?

I like things to be secured once I’ve learned them: “There! That’s one big lesson nailed down! Done!”. I want to be able to learn something and then forget about it – it’s over and now I can tick if off as Learned, and move on. Furthermore, I like the idea of knowing where I’m […]


Cartoonist Scott Adams said, “one “oh shit” can erase a thousand attaboys”. I tend to agree with Mister Adams on that. Lately I’ve been aware of the phrase “oh shit” being repeated in my internal monologue almost continuously. I’ve been looking around  and noticing that other people (finer people than myself) seem to carry an […]

Magic & Miracles

I am not a believer. Religion, mysticism, Gods, Goddesses, Allah, Jehovah, Jahweh, paganism, ghosts, ghouls, apparitions, fairies, elves, spirits, sprites, demons, hell, purgatory, heaven, nirvana, et cetera. Not for me. Just, not for me. I’ve tried, believe me I have. I’ve tried my hardest to believe in the magical, the mystical, the divine. I just […]

I Know You

I was feeling pretty good about myself. Feeling rather urban-chic sitting in the window seat of a Newtown cafe. I was there “writing”. The word writing has inverted commas around it because that’s not really what I was doing. I was actually sitting there feeling pretty good about myself while I sipped a coffee with […]

Don’t Tell Anyone

A very dear friend of mine shared a secret with me. I’m not telling you what it was, so don’t hold your breath. What I will tell you is that my admiration and sincere connection to this friend grew exponentially when the secret was shared. I felt more human for the sharing, even though it […]

Smart Princess

Recently, I was bored. Seriously lacking in inspiration. Given my inflated sense of my own intelligence I took to trawling through dense publications on modern philosophy to try and kick-start some stimulating ideas. “I want witty, with depth” I kept thinking, “big ideas with a humorous kick … meaningful stuff”. Smart. As I read and […]

In Praise of Average

Here’s the thing: I’m average. That’s not such a brilliant revelation on the surface of it, but for the longest time I’ve been in denial. Stick with me here, this is a celebration my friends! I realised recently that there has been a low-level panic going on in the background of my life. I’ve been […]

Silent Cheers

It happened again the other night. I fell in love with Joanna Newsom when I saw her play live. Ms Newsom sounds like the love-child of Kate Bush and a Gelfling from the movie The Dark Crystal. And she plays the harp. As she tickled my ear drums, I silently cursed my own idiocy for […]

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I was asked recently by a very concerned friend if I was all right. We were in one of the most idyllic places on earth as she asked me this. She asked completely out of the blue. After assuring her that I was “Fine! … Good! … Excellent!”, I realised that my brow was furrowed […]