Victoria Keighery

On the health advantages of poetry; why it’s easier to write than jog. I’ve returned to writing poetry recently. It seems a natural thing for me to do at this point because my life has changed so dramatically and in such a relatively short space of time that it commands some kind of marking of […]

Norah Kay

THE WARRIOR AND THE FLY – Norah Kay | 1102 I used to believe in some kind of ‘mathematical divinity’. Now I only believe in warriors. And flies. For a long, long time, my soul was unsettled and unsated. I’d always felt under siege from this earthly world. Was trapped by it. Much like a […]

Fabian LoSchiavo

Order 1970! I am blindfolded and being led around by Frater Beckett, a fellow novice, up and down stairs and along the long cellar corridors of our Abbey in Wisconsin. I am trying to guess where he is taking me, and I suspect it is in the direction of the indoor SWIMMING POOL and that […]

Kristen Toovey

Behind Closed Doors When I was young I had a crippling toilet phobia. I found public toilets terrifying. Especially the ones at school and after school care. I don’t know where or why it started, but it seemed to escalate in the later years of primary school. This resulted in some embarrassing episodes; car rides […]