"The Other Foot"

LostSoles_RiffRaffTheatre_2013_Flyer_FrontA Monologue by Georgia Keighery

Dark Comedy
Running time: 11 mins
Cast: 1 Female

Synopsis: Lori Placket can never find the words to speak to anyone. When Lily joins her workplace, Lori finally finds someone who doesn’t mind her quietness. Someone who’s happy to do the talking. Someone who’s fabulous. Someone that Lori is beginning to feel she could try to be like. One day. If she can just walk a while in Lily’s shoes.

“The Other Foot” is available for sale through the Australian Script Centre and Australian


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*Originally produced by Riff Raff Theatre as part of their “Lost Soles” season:
London Design Festival, London, 2013
Director: Amie Taylor
Cast: Leanna Wiggington

"Awkward Redemption"

BitsOfObitsFlyerA Monologue by Georgia Keighery

Dominik Golding as Stanley

Dominik Golding as Stanley

Dark Comedy
Running time: 12 mins
Cast: 1 Male

Synopsis:  Stanley sits alone at a bar trying to write his Mother’s obituary.

“Awkward Redemption” is available for sale through the Australian Script Centre and Australian


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*Originally produced by Bits of Obits for their play festival:
The Hanbury Arms, London, 2012
Director: Emma Sampson
Cast: Dominik Golding

"Some Mysterious Ways"

“Some Mysterious Ways”

A monologue by Georgia Keighery

Dark Comedy
Running time: 10 mins
Cast: 1 female

Fran, a serious, dedicated and deluded dancer, shares her insights into what it takes to succeed in the world of professional dance, and allows a glimpse of her God-given talent – and her family.

“Some Mysterious Ways” is available for sale through the Australian Script Centre and Australian Plays Org:

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*Originally performed as part of Prompt Theatre’s season “One 2 One” Studio Theatre, Newtown, 2001.

“Some Mysterious Ways” was also produced by White Room Theatre’s Bite-Size plays in Brighton England, and preview events for Edinburgh Festival in 2009

"The Flats"

The Flats - Flyer front copyBy Georgia Keighery
(“The Flats” received a commendation at the 2003 Philip Parsons Young Playwright Award)
Dark Comedy (monologues collection)

Running time: aprox. 45mins
Cast: 7 (females 4 – 5 males 2 – 3) Seven actors plus one DJ. DJ can be either male or female.

“The Flats” is about six people and one DJ who live in an inner city apartment block. It is about their nasty, creepy, dirty, juicy, slippery, fleshy, mouldy, tickly, prickly, ballsey, hyper, psycho, chicken-loving, letter-writing, no-friend-having, anger-festering, orgasm-mongering, death-smelling, nipple-tweaking, medicated, fabricated, penetrated, isolated, unabated little habits and thoughts … it is about those moments of horrible, screeching, clumsy, excruciating and beautiful humanity they experience.

“The Flats” is available for sale through the Australian Script Centre and Australian Plays Org:


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The Flats 2 FRONTOriginally produced by Prompt Theatre
PACT Theatre, Erskineville, 2002
Director: Steven Rassion
Choreographer: Edith Podesta
DJ: Simon H
Cast: Ben Borgia, Daniel Hudson, Cecily Hardy, Georgia Keighery, Edith Podesta, Samuel Routledge and Jessica Symes

“The Flats” was re-mounted in 2004, in a co-production between Prompt Theatre and Darlinghurst Theatre.

Director: Lauren Steenholdt
Designer: Katrina Adams
Lighting: Liam Frazern
DJ: Simon H
Cast: Jacob Allan, Cecily Hardy, Georgia Keighery, Alan Lovell, Wendy Strehlow and Jessica Symes


FiREBy Georgia Keighery

Dark Comedy
Running time: 50 mins
Cast: 6 (2 female, 4 male)

Detectives Kirkland and Barry are investigating a fire in the local community centre. But what they actually discover is a group of people on the road to recovery.. or are they?.. A satirical tragedy about addiction.

Originally workshopped and produced by Under The Table Productions as part of Darlinghurst Theatre’s “In The Raw Festival” Darlinghurst Theatre, Darlinghurst, 2006

Director: Fiona Hallenan
Producer: Louise Fischer
Lighting Designer: Tony Youlden
Set Designer: Barry French
Cast: Zachary Drayson, Rob Jago, Kaily Koutsogiannis, Ainslie McGlynn, Gus Murray and Sam Lyndon

"I Don’t Usually Do This"

Georgia was a collaborator on this 2006 show with Adrian Barnes, Laurel Devenie and Martyn Wood. Original score by Pat Wilson. Directed by Adrian Barnes. Produced by Big M Productions, Sydney.


Georgia is a member of both the Australian Writers' Guild and The Writers' Guild of Great Britain, who's support and commitment to the industry she thoroughly values.